Lunch breaks, the time we get to ponder over our choice of career and why we are at a job we no longer feel good about. We start to wonder about things like, why does it feel like our job is suffocating us? Why do we feel so unfulfilled?

Is the corporate world worth it? But we tend to start telling ourselves it is silly to feel this way, we move to discard those feelings and questions, to stay in our comfort zone where fear has us edged in.

Is the corporate world worth it? But we tend to start telling ourselves it is silly to feel this way, we move to discard those feelings and questions, to stay in our comfort zone where fear has us edged in.

Sometimes we start to believe we are lucky even to have a job, and it is ungrateful not to appreciate that fact, or to feel any other way but happy about our situation. We also start thinking it is what life and responsibility are about. Let’s take a minute and be real though, do we believe life is about feeling unfulfilled?

The more you think about these things, the more you realize you aren’t where you want to be. Then you know you didn’t pick the life you are currently living, you settled for it and allowed forces outside you determine your path. These forces are fueled by societal expectations and values that really serves no one, but we do not even realize this. We end up joining a race we have no business in, a competition with no prize. A race with no winner and plenty of losers, a race we do not even know we are on.

It is the RAT RACE.

We can define the rat race as a pointless, self-defeating attempt to get a reward. This is comparing humans to rats trying to earn the reward of cheese or something inconsequential.

You need to take a step back and reevaluate your decisions. You need to decide if the choices that got you to your present position were decisions you made actively or passively. Did you allow society to determine what the right option is? Are you currently working at that organization because you want to or because that is what external forces say is right?

We should all understand that there is no point wallowing in self-pity or wishing we did things differently. The only reason we reevaluate the past is to know what we don’t like about it and look for ways to improve and make better decisions going forward. There is no way you can win a race you don’t even know you are on, and this is why there are so many losers in the rat race. Many don’t even know they are always on the tracks, and the solution is simple. Decide to run the race knowingly and aim at winning or get off the rails and pave your path.

We are what we do.

In the past, for most people, a job was just about making a living and earning a salary. In recent times we, however, have more significant and broader expectations of our jobs. Like a lot of artists tend to express the intricate part of their personality through their art, we tend to want to express ourselves through our careers.

Today, a job is not just about what you do but about who you are. The big question now is if you like how your job describes you. When you tell people what you do, do you tell them with joy in your heart knowing that’s how they’ll qualify your personality? Are you comfortable with the description your job has provided you?

The issue with the corporate jobs is that most people are frustrated with the label it puts on them.

Titles and Realities

A lot of us initially went for the jobs society considered successful. We applied for positions based on how they sounded and not the reality of what they entailed. We failed to pay attention to the requirements and accomplishments of the job. When we fail to consider if the daily tasks and needs of our job are worth our time, we fail to consider how what we do impacts us in the long run.

If our job does not continuously challenge us or improve our reasoning process, then we might just be wasting our time. There’s this funny story about an emperor who promised to parade in his new attire. The glory and beauty of the outfit were announced all over the kingdom a few days before, and everyone was hopeful. On the due day, while the emperor was parading, it was a young child who shouted “He isn’t wearing anything” the announced beauty so blinded the people that they failed to pay attention to the facts.

Politics and Bullshit

Let’s just say this as it is: the politics and pretentiousness in the corporate world are tiring. Everyone is trying to be someone they are not to get the acceptance of people who aren’t their real self as well; you see how faulty that is?

You shouldn’t have to drop 70% of your personality at home before coming to work. Most people that succeed in the corporate world are people who know how to play office politics exceptionally well and are good at being fake, not necessarily the exceptionally qualified or capable folks.

Control and Mastery

At the end of our Supply and Demand strategy trading course, we focus on building a trading plan because I understand how important it is, and I want to help you speed to track the process. If you don’t currently have a trading plan, you need to develop one now because it is crucial.

Every business starts with a plan, development strategy, goal, etc. Most traders and investors just read a few books and blogs and assume they can put money into it.

Do you think like a successful forex, futures, and stock trader and investor?

The idea of control is foreign when you work for someone who works for someone who takes orders from someone else. The only power you have over your life is on the weekends, which depending on where you work can easily be snatched out of your hands.

It is frustrating to have someone else decide to go your day would go and what you would spend the day doing. As much as financial success is essential, having control over your time and life is even more critical because that will increase your productivity and happiness.

Another important thing that the corporate world rubs you of is the mastery of your most essential and desired skills. You don’t get to work on things that matter to you the most, which can easily lead to frustration and induce the feeling of not being purposeful.

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