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Social Trading Platform – Trade better together

The power of a like-minded trading community!

Join the Campus Community! As a student of Online Trading Campus, you get to create your own personalized trading and investing profile. Our unique social news feed is a feature unique to the Campus. It can be personalized and tailored towards your trading and investing interests. This allows you to constantly stay up to date with the conversation, find and open trade ideas. You will even receive instant push notifications on your feed, comments, or on our certified traders’ posts.

Expert traders at your fingertips on our unique social trading platform

We at Online Trading Campus designed a unique social trading platform for serious traders. The wisdom of our certified analysts and expert traders are at your fingertips. Joining our worldwide growing community will help you to overcome trading challenges and give you access to the support system required to become a consistent profitable trader. At Online Trading Campus, our daily live trading sessions are the heart of our social trading platform. Our expert traders do not only share their level of skill, but also promote personal accountability and commitment to trade planning and following through as leading examples. Through our “Connection” function we make it easy for you to find and connect with like-minded traders of all expertise levels, even the ones that live nearby. Interact and follow your favorite traders to build long lasting relationships.

Our academy empowers students to shape their own learning

Certified students can take the lead by creating their own live class. This is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to improve learning. By letting students create their own live classes, the agenda belongs to them, and they can focus on their own needs. Moreover, they develop the ability to self-assess while also enhancing their trading skill set in the process. At the Online Trading Campus, we love the community to be in control! The benefits are not only in enhanced more efficient learning, but also building confidence supporting real world trading. When the student becomes a “Student Lead” we have achieved our goal of transferring the fundamental technical knowledge and skill set. The advantage for those advanced students is that teaching ultimately develops more confidence and a stronger trading skill set.

Additional academy pillars to reach greater heights faster and more efficient

Campus “Student Trade Review” is a unique tool designed to support all members of the community and share knowledge collectively. “Student Trade Review” sessions are scheduled live trading classes where our expert traders examine student’s trades to learn from textbook trades and common trading mistakes. This way, our students can achieve common goals and reach greater heights faster and more efficiently. In addition, we document and archive essential discussions and make them accessible to everybody in the community. The goal is to create a trading environment, which propels psychological and skill-based growth within the community.

A clear sense of direction with our Supply and Demand strategy

Here at Online Trading Campus, we follow a common objective with a clear sense of direction. We ensure that the entire community trades using the same set of rules based on Supply and Demand. Our students do not cloud their minds with multiple different and conventional strategies or indicators. To avoid common confusion and mistakes, our professional traders help our students to develop their trading skills and alleviate their doubts of which route to take. The entire community goes through the same education process, starting off with our unique OTC blueprint trading course, which is designed to build a strong trading and investing foundation based on Supply and Demand. After that they are ready to move on to our unique asset courses, including our stocks course, forex course and futures course. Our community fosters rapid growth and will shorten your learning curve. On top it helps you to remain accountable, disciplined and eventually to become a consistent profitable trader. When you join us at Online Trading Campus, you will have reliable sources and a like-minded community of traders with varying areas of expertise at your disposal. Online Trading Campus is the only academy that offers professional guidance combined with a unique support system in form of a social trading platform and a virtual classroom.