Introduction to Futures

Futures trading began in the mid-19th century in the United States with the establishment of central grain markets where farmers could sell their products for either immediate delivery or future delivery. Two centuries later, the Futures market plays a vital role in the entire world’s economic engine and the futures trading strategies have changed with time. In the Futures market producers and consumers have control over the future price of assets or commodities which they will sell or buy.

Futures trading has benefits that the Forex and Stock market are not able to provide. The Futures market is a brilliant tool for traders to participate in a wide variety of markets.

It is the only set of markets in the world where traders have true non-correlated and diverse markets to choose from such as stock indexes, interest rates, energies, precious metals, and agricultural products.

Course Overview

We offer a systematic guide aspiring traders need to enter the Futures market with the confidence and skill-set necessary to generate short-term income and long-term wealth.

They are powerfully delivered, so both basic and complex concepts are readily accessible. This comprehensive trading course outlines a practical course of action to develop futures trading strategies integrating fundamental and technical analysis based on Supply and Demand. 

Our Futures course delivers this strategic edge by combining powerful skill-building lessons and hands-on live market trading classes. The trading resources and tools provided in the course are unique. They cannot be found in any other conventional trading course or book. Our Futures course unlocks your optimal potential for consistent profitable Futures trading.

Course Prerequisites

You have to be an enrolled student at our academy and completed our “OTC-Blueprint” course.

Course Objective

After completion of our extensive OTC Futures course, you can comprehend the specific characteristics and apply our rule-based Supply and Demand strategy in the Futures market to attain short-term income and long-term wealth.

Course Duration

Our comprehensive and in-depth OTC Futures course lasts between 7-8 weeks.

Course Tuition

In learning how to trade and invest in the financial market there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Hence we, at our online trading academy offer personalized trading and investing education. Therefore, the tuition fee depends on various factors: Do you want to learn only forex trading, futures trading, or stock trading? Do you want to become an expert in all three asset classes (forex, futures, and stocks)? Do you want personal 1-to-1 mentoring by our expert traders? Do you want only online access of our study material or do you require physical classroom training? Do you want access of our daily live trading classes where we discuss potential trade ideas. Bottom line, in order to evaluate your requirements, please sign up for free (under “apply now”) and go through our online application process. In this sophisticated application process you learn everything about our academy solutions in our free courses. After completing the application process you can schedule a meeting with one of our expert traders to discuss the solution that fits best to your personal requirements.

Pedagogy for Course Delivery

The course will be delivered mainly through lectures, case studies, supported with practical live trading examples and skill-building exercises from the current market environment.

Continuous education – Skill building in our Futures live trading classes

We are aware of the fact that mastering the skill of Futures trading cannot be achieved in a single course. Your trading journey is a process that requires professional guidance in every step of your Futures trading education. For this reason, you will get access to our Futures live trading classes.

We help you in our Futures live trading classes to translate the theories and information from our course material into the Futures market. Hence, you will be able to comprehend and apply your learning in the real world of trading. We teach you systematically on how to determine a low risk, high probability and high reward trade setup in the Futures market.

Our live trading classes allow you to learn our Supply and Demand strategy hands-on. It is our responsibility to guide you through a scientific step by step process, giving you the tools to take confident, objective and rule-based decisions. This preparation is essential, and the foundation to enter the trading arena without the support of our experienced professional traders.

In our Futures live trading classes, you can start earning while you learn! You learn by watching our expert traders trade as if you were sitting right next to them. You can copy our expert traders’ trades and therefore, learn from them while you grow your own trading account using effective futures trading strategies.