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An individualized learning experience – Private one-to-one classes

Mentoring is our top of the range VIP solution. Online Trading Campus offers a portfolio of certified traders and instructors. Leverage from a totally tailored trading education, focusing on your needs and requirements. At Online Trading Campus, we developed our own unique mentoring philosophy and processes based on four actions to provide guidance for long-lasting mentoring relationships.

Master Supply and Demand and learn to trade stocks, forex, futures with your own mentor

Firstly: Learn from someone who is already where you want to be. Select a mentor from our portfolio of verified expert traders. One of the great benefits of having a mentor, is having the ability to bypass some of the major learning hurdles that hinder the progress of many traders. Our trading mentors have the necessary skill set and experience to steer you in the right direction, taking precautionary steps to keep you on track when you are heading off course. Our expert traders are bilingual and able to conduct all mentoring classes fluently in English and German language.

Tailored trading course based on your needs and requirements

Our unique mentorship program starts off by evaluating your current trading skill set and performance if applicable. This way we can tailor our mentorship program to your specific needs and requirements. Creating an individualized learning experience with a focus on your individual learning style will help you to reach your trading goals faster and in a more controlled environment.

Learn at your own time and speed without sacrificing your lifestyle

Everyone, who is new to trading has other commitments in life. Whether it is a full-time job, family and kids or other hobbies like playing sports. Until now we have not come across a single trading academy, which offers a solution to individual needs around learning a new profession. At our trading academy, mentorship classes are tailored around your specific time constraints and requirements. This approach allows you to pursue your daily obligations without sacrificing your current lifestyle. Now we can set clear and realistic milestones, which will keep you motivated and ambitious along the way.

Frequent review classes to scale up your own trading business

In the last step of the process we conduct frequent review meetings where we track progress and set new milestones. This is key to keep evolving and improving as a trader. Trading is a skill to be mastered and not a subject to be learned, therefore, we need to ensure professional growth in every step of the way.

The center of your learning experience - Our unique social trading platform

Our unique social trading platform facilitates every step of the mentoring process. From choosing the mentor to conduction live mentoring and trading sessions in our unique virtual classroom. We at Online Trading Campus feel privileged to have the ability and skill set to guide hungry individuals who show a genuine desire to become professional traders. Our mentors inspire you to stay focused, accountable, and committed during your journey. Above all, we are extremely passionate to teach you how to take your financial future into your own hands and make money work for you.

Your success is our pride! Join an academy that cares about you as an individual

At Online Trading Campus you are not just a number on a spreadsheet. We are personally invested in our student’s long-term success in the market. Students who enroll in our one-to-one mentoring program, benefit from a relationship with our expert traders. This is the best way to become successful in the forex, futures, and stock market by building a long-term relationship with some of our mentors. This allows you to gain access to their skill set, experience, and trading routine. They will give you mental stability and psychological support in every step of the way. Online Trading Campus is the only academy that offers professional guidance combined with a unique support system in form of a social trading platform. Our ultimate mission is to educate successful and independent traders for life in a smart and convenient way!