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In this article we remind you why being a professional trader and investor is incredible and why it undoubtedly rocks harder than any other profession that has ever existed.

Reasons why being a professional forex, futures and stock trader is awesome

Sincerely, trading and investing in the financial market can get a bit discouraging at times. Even as professional forex, futures, and stock traders, we sometimes have losing months, so don’t beat yourself up too much about it. It is also a good idea to have a strong “why” behind the reason we are trading and investing and to continually remind ourselves of it. A positive mindset and renewed focus on the reasons we started trading and investing can be of significant influence in helping us realign our minds on what it takes to succeed. It is also beneficial to remember our reasons for trading and investing because it will definitely serve as a source of motivation during the tough period of the almost inevitable losing streak.

The high number of internet videos or articles addressing the difficulties and troubles in trading forex, futures, and stocks can sometimes be extremely discouraging. Anything worthwhile in life is difficult, and becoming a consistently profitable trader and investor is undoubtedly worthwhile. To put you in the right perspective and help you keep the positive energy high, we are here to remind you why being a professional trader and investor is incredible and why it undoubtedly rocks harder than any other profession that has ever existed.

Financial freedom

This is the most basic and most essential reason of all. Financial freedom entails a lot more than just having your daily needs met or not having to worry about basic amenities. Financial freedom also gives room for having real freedom. A real sense of freedom comes from being able to hold your own future in your hands and having the final say about where you want to live and still be able to make money regardless. With just a computer and internet, you can always be connected, and that is a rather powerful and motivating thought.

Becoming a consistently profitable forex, futures, and stock trader means more than just money, it means you can be wherever you chose to be and do whatever you want without having to worry about money. Such freedom is rare and priceless, and that is what trading offers you.

You are a “Badass”

Professional traders and investors are people who are looking to break from the norm. Who really wants to spend the best years of their lives, making someone else richer than themselves? There is a constant need to break out of the modern-day work system or the 9 to 5 system. A genuine trader sees the world for exactly what it is. They view the world without the veil of the fairy tale the world tries to paint.

To be a trader and investor, you have to think differently from the masses, and you can’t afford to move with the crowd. You would ultimately need to be a lone wolf who is secure in oneself and doesn’t need validation from the public. A lot of people have a screwed conception about trading in the financial market and would describe it as too risky or something only an elite or special group of people can successfully perform. These sets of people are those we refer to as the masses, and they are satisfied with the crumbs the world is offering them and are satisfied staying within the cage the society has built for them. You want to become a professional forex, futures, and stock trader because you believe there can be more, which is the real deal, and a rock star status is definitely befitting.

Escaping the modern slavery of 9 to 5

The lifestyle that being a professional forex, futures, and stock trader will afford you is impressive, to say the least. It is basically a life of endless vacation, occasionally entering trades only when you notice a high-quality Supply and Demand trade setup, logging in a few times to check on your trades and investments, and living your life to its full potential.

Another advantage that cannot be overemphasized is not having to report to work every day. Having to go to a place that gives you zero joy is not a very healthy way to live one’s life. Becoming a full-time forex, futures, and stock trader will help you escape this torture and slavery. Working in a restricted environment for 40 hours a week or more is definitely a modern form of slavery. Trading and investing in the financial market provides the ultimate opportunity for escape, and forex, futures, and stock trading might be tedious, but it offers a chance at real freedom.


The form of flexibility you get from being a professional trader is unmatched. You don’t have to lie about being sick when you want to do something you love, like visiting a family member or going on a holiday. You are basically the master of yourself, and you decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. You answer to no one. For most professional traders and investors, not having to plan your life around some else’s schedule is the most empowering and refreshing thought.

Family time

Trading in the financial market allows you to have enough time to invest in your family growth. This will be especially rewarding if your kids are still in their formative years and are just developing. Having to spend 8 to 9 hours every day away from home would drastically reduce the amount of time you have to be with your kids. You would potentially be missing more than half of their childhood. Having the opportunity to watch your kids grow and develop is a priceless gift that you cannot quantify materially, and becoming a fulltime forex, futures, and stock trader who works from home gives you that opportunity.

Your understanding of the world is complete and advanced

Becoming a professional forex, futures, and stock trader opens you up to the different economics of the world, allowing you to understand their various strengths and weaknesses. Most times, you would find it amusing to see how little the average person knows about things like the exchange rate and the relative strength of various countries.

Being a professional trader and investor will expose you to the Supply and Demand imbalances of different currency pairs, commodities, companies and entire economies and allows you to have an intricate knowledge of the world in a way most people do not. Take, for instance, if you want to travel to a different country, you would most likely already know the exchange rate of that country from your trading knowledge, while most people would not even have an idea.

You set your own rules

One of the significant benefits of being a professional forex, futures, and stock trader is that you have the steering wheel of your life in your hands. You don’t have to listen to any boss or do things that you do not want to do. You have the overall control of your life, and you call your own shot at all times.

Not everyone can function properly with this type of freedom; some people would merely breakdown and get disoriented without the rules imposed by a job or society. If you desire to become a professional trader and investor, you must be able to set your own rules and routines and follow them through. For those that can successfully thrive within their own set rules, trading and investing would bring so much freedom. However, if you are not a self-motivated person, you might have severe challenges with this aspect of trading in the financial market.

The two best things trading forex, futures, and stocks can offer you are traveling and a minimalist lifestyle. Living a minimalist lifestyle can be so profitable and also empowering. Adopting a minimalist trading pattern allows you to enjoy a humble lifestyle and also to see the world by traveling. All you need to trade successfully is your laptop, which frees you up to travel and experience other places while consistently making money. The minimalist lifestyle gives a clutter-free environment and helps free up your mind to enable you to stay focused on your Supply and Demand trading approach.

There are no age limits to trading and investing

Trading and investing in the financial market can be done by both the young and old, which is an advantage that cannot be overlooked. You would never come to a point where you can no longer trade as long as you have your mind intact. Physical strength is not needed, which makes it very suitable for all ages. Becoming a professional trader and investor gives you room to make money all your life.

Levels the playing field for all

It doesn’t take having a university degree to be a successful trader and investor. All you would ever need to succeed as a forex, futures and stock trader is determination, persistence, but most importantly, patience and a whole lot of discipline. Whoever desires to be a forex, futures, and stock trader can learn every little thing involved in trading. There isn’t any form of prerequisite involved in trading and investing in the trading arena. Some of the most successful and respected traders and investors in the world never had a college degree; all it really takes is wanting it bad enough and the right guidance. Even college dropouts can become extremely successful as forex, futures, and stock traders if they have a genuine desire for it.

Professional trading and investing provides a leveled playing field for anyone who desires something different from the ordinary, and also, to anyone who would love to walk a path that is different from the societal norm.

Giving Back

Consistently profitable forex, futures, and stock trading puts you in the perfect position to help others. Not only can you help your family and friends financially, but you also have the ability to pass on a skill that would be extremely profitable to them – a skill that will not only bring them money but also open their eyes to see how the world truly is.

This is predominantly one of the primary reasons we started our online trading academy: to be able to help others build a life they desire and to make money work for them. Life is not truly worth living if you are living for yourself. True fulfillment comes from helping others reach their true potential, which is what our online trading academy is all about.

If you want to learn more about professional trading and investing across multiple asset classes such as forex, futures, and stocks, please sign up HERE for free at our online trading academy and get access to a free three-hour introductory course.

Happy trading!

Author Bio: Bernd Skorupinski teaches the undiluted truth about trading and investing at Online Trading Campus and takes you through what it takes to be a consistently successful trader. His favorite moment as a trading mentor is the way peoples’ eyes light up with excitement and confidence when they understand how Supply and Demand trading strategy works and how it can help win in the trading arena. He believes in building core values and discipline that ensures his students do not succumb to the pressures and temptations of the market. He very much believes in following plans and strategy through. If you want to know more about the author Bernd Skorupinski please read HERE

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