MODULE 1 – Fundamental Awareness

Lesson 1: Futures Basics 101

In the first lesson, we will dive into the basics of Futures trading.  We will thoroughly explain to you what Futures are, show you the different ways market participants use Futures and the benefits that Futures provide. You will obtain a strong understanding of how Futures work and whom you are competing in the most diverse market in the world.

Lesson 2: How Futures work in the "real" world

Many industries use Futures contracts as a risk management tool for a variety of assets.  For instance, the profitability of an airline company partially depends on the cost of crude oil.  By buying a crude oil contract, the airline can secure a specific price at which it acquires fuel.

In this lesson, you will learn how Futures work in the “real” world and what they are used for. We will guide you through real market examples to understand how industries may benefit from the added price protection when trading Futures.

Lesson 3: Global Futures Markets

There are many Futures exchanges around the world, and the variety of markets is vast. We will start this lesson by giving you an overview of the biggest Futures exchanges in the world and help you to find the most suitable for your specific requirements.  

On top, we will classify most of the important Futures markets into five different groups. During the classification process, we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each group and the market. We will guide you to find the best markets for your trading style and experience level.

Lesson 4: Trading FX in Futures vs. Spot Market

Averaging over 5 trillion USD per day, the Forex market is where currencies are bought, sold and exchanged. Investors and traders have many ways to pursue opportunities in the worlds’ largest market.

In this lesson, we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of trading currencies in the Futures and Forex market. We will teach you how to use both markets together to find low risk, high reward, and high probability trading opportunities.