Attention, attention, we are NOT "day traders"

A social media friend approached me today saying: “I tried getting into day trading like most people during the lockdown and ended up losing big time. DAY TRADING isn’t for me. But looking to keep educating myself on long-term investing.”
Many people have come to have the wrong idea about trading and investing due to the pictures that are painted in Hollywood movies. Day traders are often portrayed as young rich guys who have dangerous behaviors but are living the dream life with big houses, model chicks, and numerous Ferraris. Many people come into trading with this misconception.
Day trading is a widespread phenomenon. The general idea about day trading is that it is hazardous but can make you rich in a short while. Day trading happens to be one of the reasons many people develop an interest in trading, and they assume they can make some quick cash easily and then start living the dream. However, once they start, they realize it is not as it seems because day trading is very labor-intensive and tedious. It is also almost impossible to create a flow of consistent income out of this particular trading habit.
Our motto is: “Being Wealthy is having time!”
Money is a crucial pillar of financial freedom. But it is simply a tool to pursue living your best possible life. You can always generate more income, but you cannot make more time! Understanding this distinction will help you build wealth in a way that frees up your time so you can be truly wealthy. To cut to the chase, our academy believes in being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.
Instead, we want to have enough time to do the things we are passionate about. As a student of Online Trading Campus, we guide you to achieve this ultimate goal: Having financial freedom and also a proper work-life balance.
At Online Trading Campus, we do not only encourage you to follow a “set and forget” approach. We at our academy are also nurturing you to boost your confidence and discipline through a clear set of rules and effective trading. After all, the key to trading is confidence and control over what you are doing. It is invaluable learning that our community can apply not only in the world of online trading but in the real world as well. Eventually, you will be more in control of your trading routine and reap the benefits of your hard work in no time!
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Why Online Trading Campus

Online Trading Campus is for individuals who want to excel in the profession of trading and investing in financial markets.
Our online trading academy provides a complete education and training experience focusing on all aspects of trading and covering almost all trading instruments. We cover the full spectrum of trading styles and asset classes from short-term trading, swing trading, long-term investing for stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), contract for difference (CFDs), cryptocurrency, futures, and forex.

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