MODULE 2 – Beginner

Lesson 1: Global Forex Markets

What are the currency pairs you should trade? In this lesson, we will classify all pairs into three different groups. During the classification process, we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each group.

Also, the purpose of this lesson is to gain a fundamental understanding of the US economy. A critical part as a Forex trader is being prepared fundamentally. The US economy is still the largest developed economy in the world, and therefore the US-Dollar reflects this importance. Much of the world’s trade is denominated in US-Dollar.

In this lesson, we will also gain an insight into how we can use the US-Dollar in our favor and use it as an additional “Zone Qualifier” to increase our probability of a trade.

Lesson 2: Margin and Leverage

While novice traders tend to think about how much money they can make, those with skills know it’s much more important to focus on what they could potentially lose. There is a risk in every trade you take. If you can measure risk, you can manage it.

In this lesson, we will run through a step-by-step guide that you can follow to help you manage risk, position sizing and ultimately maintain your profitability.

Part of this lesson is to understand what a professional trader calls “Gap Risk.” Learn the fundamental concepts and dimensions on how to mitigate the risk of gaps and how to take advantage of gaps using our Supply and Demand strategy.