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    The path to financial freedom is a gratifying and thrilling experience. Here at our online trading academy, we aim to equip you with the right tools and lifetime guidance to take that initial bold step. During the online application process, you will be given a chance to learn more about us, who we are and how we can help you to achieve your financial goals. Please go ahead and see for yourself, if our trading and investing academy is the best fit for your financial aspirations and which of our vast lifetime and customizable academy solutions are best suitable for you.

    Are you ready to begin your journey to financial freedom?

    What is your personality as a trader and investor?

    Every type of trader and investor has a different personality and disposition, that eventually affect how they approach the financial market and trade. We witness traders who have the natural aptitude for trading and find it a cakewalk, while others will encounter mental trading difficulties.

    Our trader aptitude test created by our expert traders will give you a glimpse of the type of students we have identified in our years of experience in educating and investing in the financial market.

    Go through the trader personality profiles. Who do you think you are?


    As an Analyst you can get to the bottom of things very quickly. You are straight forward and get right to the point. Facts, figures and logical arguments convince you. You seek control through knowledge and understanding and you are able to manage your emotions.

    This makes you receptive to learning and curious to discovering new things. The financial markets operate on the logical principals of supply and demand which will make it easier for you to study and understand them. Understanding things quickly can lead to a wrong sense of security by being too self-confident in a newly learned skill. Patience is therefore key.

    As an Analyst you may struggle with holding yourself accountable and accept when you are wrong. It is important to realize this fact and be mindful of it when trading the financial markets. Ultimately whatever the outcome of your trade you are fully responsible for it. That responsibility cannot be outsourced to the market, news or someone else.


    • Analytical
    • Eager learner
    • Rational


    • Struggles to self - reflect
    • Tends to be overly confident

    Decision Maker

    You are a fun-loving extrovert. As a Decision Maker deciding quickly comes natural to you. You are self-confident and strong minded. These traits will help you act in any market condition and not let emotions like fear and greed stand in the way of your success as a pro-active investor.

    But you also have the tendency to be impulsive. You seek thrills and excitement. Be aware of this as it may get you to overtrade or jump into a trade for the wrong reasons (“fun”, “boredom”). A proper trade log will help you to gain clarity and transparency and warn you if impulsive decisions are creeping into your investment routine.


    • Quick and decisive
    • Self - confident
    • Strong


    • Impulsive
    • Easy to excite (trade for wrong reasons)


    As an Observer you are a good listener, but you have a hared time of making decisions. You avoid conflicts and seek equilibrium. You are event tempered which is an asset when dealing with financial markets. Remember, emotions like greed and fear are a major obstacle that must be overcome in order to become a successful pro-active investor.

    The observer sometimes struggles in making decisions. This can keep you from taking highly profitable trades and therefore miss out. A detailed trade plan can support you in overcoming this challenge.


    • Even tempered
    • Good listener (learner)
    • Soft - spoken


    • Takes time to decide
    • Fear may hold you back


    As a Thinker you are someone who is analytical driven and likes to study everything. You are methodical and detail oriented. This will help you adhere to the step by step process we teach at Online Trading Campus to analyse and trade different financial products.

    You appreciate logic and rationality. This may cause you to struggle at times where financial markets tend to seemingly behave illogical or irrational. Thinkers also take time to take non-biased and carefully thought out decisions. This can be a double-edged sword: it can protect you by keeping you from rushing into trades that have not been properly analysed and therefore may have a lower probability of working out. But it may also harm you by preventing you to react quickly to sudden changes in overall market environment and resulting opportunities. A detailed trade plan will help you overcome these challenges.


    • Analytical
    • Studies everything
    • Methodical


    • Takes time to decide
    • Struggles with very volatile markets

    Relate the questions you will be asked during the second step of our application process to your regular day to day events to realize your actual ability. This is not to test the type of trader you will be or are, or what strategy you should use, or the assets you should be trading. Your choice of trading strategy and technique are all purely a personal choice and based on your aim, job, social obligations and lifestyle. The test is directed at your psyche; how you react, understand, gather and act on information about the financial market.

    You will also see the aspects of commonly noticed strengths and challenges and their possible solutions. It will help you determine your strength and challenges, how to deal with them, and eventually tailor you into the best investor and trader you can be. The personality test takes only ten minutes, and it will help you determine what kind of trader you are with your personality. Why not take action now?


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